Welcome to Voshie, the vast UK marketplace, supporting UK independent businesses. If you are looking for a UK marketplace that boasts a number of benefits for sellers and buyers alike, you have come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Faye, and I am the proud founder of Voshie

I am an experienced online seller who was becoming increasingly frustrated with the selling fees and deductions I faced. Though passionate about selling online, making a profit was difficult when high fees were being deducted after every sale. Rather than struggle to work out selling fees and being disappointed with what was left, something had to change. Thats when Voshie began 

What makes Voshie different?

There is no denying Voshie is a completely new way of selling online and I believe it’s a marketplace like no other, which is why it appeals to many.

I created Voshie with transparency in mind.

There are no hidden fees and no selling fees to work out, as well as the entire marketplace being operated without the need for contracts. 

Voshie offers affordable subscriptions to fit your budget and business.

I take the time to ensure sellers and buyers both enjoy their marketplace experience. With a growing list of categories, selling online has never been easier nor enjoyable

I look forward to welcoming you onto the Voshie journey.


Founder of Voshie