Sellers FAQ


What are Voshie’s prices?

Please check out our prices here:  Sell with Voshie


How many product images do you upload?

We recommend around 3-6 images per image.


Do I need to sign into a contract?

The entire marketplace is operated without the need for contracts.


Who can sell on Voshie?

Any business/individual can join and sell on Voshie.


What products can I sell on Voshie?

All products are permitted online Voshie, as long as they are not of an illegal or pornographic nature.


How will I be notified of a sale?

When you receive an order, you will receive an email order confirmation with all the relevant information – (if you used the personalised text or photo upload option on the item) you will receive this information within this email too.


How do I get paid?

Your funds are paid straight into your Stripe account or linked bank account.

For the first order placed on Voshie, Stripe usually takes 5-7 working days for extra security processes, but after this, it usually takes 2-3 working days to hit your stripe/bank account.


Are there any payment transaction fees?

Voshie uses the secure payment gateway Stripe, who charge a small fee of;

Standard UK cards (most cards including American Express) 1.5% + £0.20.

Premium UK cards (commercial Visa/Mastercard) 1.9% + £0.20.


How do I manage returns/refunds requests?

If you offer returns/refunds this will need to be processed via your banking service provider and directly with your customer.


Can my customers leave reviews?

Absolutely! We love seeing your customers reviews. These can be either products they have purchased or a review on your actual store as a whole. All reviews are all monitored by Voshie and will be approved within 1 working day.


Can I track visitors to my store?

Within your dashboard you will be able to see how many visitors have viewed your products.


Is there a Voshie App?

Not currently, however this is in process furthermore Voshie is fully mobile optimised so you can browse and manage your shop on the go.


I’ve noticed I can gain followers on my store, what is this?

Those who follow your store will receive new product releases directly via email – giving them a hyperlink to visit.


Where is Voshie based?

Voshie is based in Northampton, United Kingdom

Is there security on the website?

Yes! Voshie is SSL certificate protected.

All pages, content, credit card, and transaction information are protected by the same level of security used by banks.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can, if you require any help in doing this, please email us at info@voshie.com


I still need further help.

Please contact us at info@voshie.com and we will be in touch to help and assist you. We do aim to respond within 48 hours.



Buyers FAQ

How do I contact a store?

Under each product listed, you will see the store name in question selling the item, Once selecting the store name, you will be redirected to their store front. On their banner, you will see a enquiry button – please select to send your message. You can also ask a question/send a message by selecting “ask a question” on product pages too.


How do I follow a store? 

If you would like to hear of new product releases by your favourite store(s) please visit the store in question. On their store banner, you will see a “follow” button.


Where is my order?

Here are some steps to take if the item(s) purchased from a Voshie seller has not arrived.

  • Please first, double check the relevant shops policy on shipping and processing times as these can vary.
  • If the estimated arrival date for your package has passed, please do contact the seller directly – this could be down to courier delays or customs, if shipped internationally, which is out of their control.
  • If you have had no response and your item has still not arrived, please do contact us with relevant information i.e., order number and a copy of the correspondence between you and the seller in question so we can look into on your behalf.
  • You may need to file a chargeback with your card provider if this is not resolved, as a last resort. Filing a complaint about a seller, can be done via email to support@voshie.com

Voshie does not fulfil orders or control any refunds, however we are here to help resolve any problems you may have, if, in the unlikely situation mentioned above happens.


How can I leave a review?

Once you have logged into your customer account, please select the relevant item you wish to leave a review on. (this will be found underneath on the product page) Please be advised these are all monitored and will be approved within 1 working day.

(If the review has inappropriate or offensive language– this will automatically be deleted)


How do I return an item?

Voshie is an online marketplace that connects independent businesses with customers. We do not sell or dispatch anything ourselves, you are buying directly from one of the many of amazing stores who sell on our website.

If you need to return an item, you’ll need to contact the store directly to discuss the return/refund and see if this is something they offer within their policies.


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