Naturally Biodegradable

With regular care, real sheepskin lasts a lifetime, but when it come time to finally throw it out, sheepskin breaks down within a year and will give back to the earth all the nutrients kept inside the skin and fur.

Fake sheepskin however can take over 40 years to breakdown in nature and will in fact pollute the ground with micro-plastics and other toxic compounds. Always buy genuine sheepskin!

Free Roaming Flocks

We source all of our Baa Baby sheepskin from New Zealand and Europe – these are from free roaming flocks and not intensively farmed. The sheepskin baby liners we use is then eco-tanned which ensures that the process is completely chrome free – important not only for your baby but also for the environment.

Eco Tanned – Safe for Baby & Earth

Our Baby safe sheepskin are eco-tanned, always chrome free and any dyes used are vegetable dyes. Medically tanned sheepskin is also a phrase that is frequently used and means that the fleece is not only baby safe but also has some additional qualities.


Naturally thermostatic, sheepskin won’t only keep your baby cosy in winter but will also keep them cool in summer. In the winter and cooler months, the sheepskin provides warmth as the fibres capture and retain heat created by the body. On warmer days, the wool allows a flow of air next to the body and absorbs moisture keeping your child feeling cool and comfortable.

Kind on sensitive skin, sheepskin has naturally occurring lanolin in the fleece which is a natural moisturiser, so helps sooth and comfort baby’s skin.


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