Struggling to find an AWESOME Gift For Men? Then this BBQ Gift is perfect for you! In fact this wonderful Seasonings Gift Set is perfect for anyone looking to give a unique gift to a loved one and is especially great for those looking for an interesting Gift For Dad!

With no MSG or other nasty ingredients found in our unique flavour Spice Blends, you can be confident that our quality, gourmet seasonings hit the high bar we have in place for them!

As with every BBQ BOX UK, all boxes are beautifully presented with a true western rodeo theme running through our design and branding making these a great gift to present to any BBQ enthusiast, along with being a fantastic Foodie Gift or Gift For A Man who has everything!


Easily add a name (such as ‘To Dad’) or short message (no more than 150 characters) to the inside of your bbq box. This is an optional service. If you do not require this please leave the section blank.

★★★★ WHY OUR BOX? ★★★★

BBQ Box UK not only provides you with fabulous, bespoke BBQ flavours but we also offer;

★ Packed With 5 Totally Unique Flavours!
★ Made Using High Quality 100% Natural Ingredients!
★ Better Than Store-Bought Brands – Free From Gluten, Salt & MSG!
★ Great Value For Money (View Comparison Boxes From Our Competitors To See!)
★ Gift Boxed In Eco-Friendly Mailer Box!
★ FREE DELIVERY – We Don’t Charge You Extra For Sending Out Our Awesome Box Range!

★★ 100% Natural Ingredients = 100% Full Throttle Taste! ★★

With unique ingredients which include the Ajam Panagg Chilli and the Sate Amjam Chilli Peppers which are known to produce an AWESOME, well-rounded chilli flavour with a burst of heat.

100% free from MSG and other unwanted nasties often found in over-the-counter seasoning products, ALL of BBQ Box UK’s seasonings are made using the freshest ingredients and are blended by hand in the UK.



If you are looking for a really powerful heat kick then this BBQ Seasoning is a MUST! Otherwise known as ‘DRAGONS BREATHE’ our Above Snakes BBQ Seasoning offers a fiery punch that is perfect for use with chicken and steak!

For a full-on heat sprinkle liberally over your chosen ingredients. For a muted toned down heat then simply add 1 tsp of seasoning to oil to create a marinade.


Featuring our bespoke NATURAL Chilli Powder Blend which brings with it an exceptional flavour that has been inspired by the heat pockets found in INDONESIAN cooking. With penetrating ingredients that not only provide flavour but will naturally tenderise meat prior to cooking.

A sensational seasoning to use as an overnight marinade for chicken wings and thighs along with pork ribs and steaks found upon the bone.


Created with mouth-watering, succulent steaks in mind! Bobtail guard features a fabulous blend of rich-tasting ingredients which penetrates deep into the fibres of the meat. Allowing the meat to naturally tenderize whilst gaining a wealth of exotic taste.

Showcasing the popular Guajillo Chilli, which is the dried variety of the mirasol chilli pepper. These are known for their sweet burst of mild heat. The Guajillo Chilli is known for its moderate heat which measures approx; 2,800 to 5,500 on the Scoville scale.


Introducing a fusion seasoning of East meets West ingredients for a powerful spicey rub. A flaming hot spicey blend that is most commonly used on meat and vegetable kebabs.

BBQ Box UK’s Fair To Middlin BBQ Spice Seasoning has been inspired by Indonesian Cookery to create one of the most finger-licking BBQ Seasonings available on the market today!


No BBQ Box would be complete without a smoky touch being present in the mix! That’s where our extremely popular SMOKE WAGON Seasoning comes into play. Unlike many other smoke seasonings, BBQ BOX UK’s Smoke Wagon Seasoning Mix is free from salt!

Bring a healthier, smokey flavor to your grilled chicken and vegetables with this unique barbecue spice blend.

★★ True Rodeo Inspired BBQ Gift Set ★★

Although our BBQ Blends are the show leaders on taste and flavour, the way in which they are presented is pretty cool too!

In keeping with our rodeo-themed bbq style, each gift set showcases their bbq blends in high-grade eco-friendly mailer boxes which have been lined with quality wood wool for not only added protection but to give a true cowboy feel to their design.

Completed with logo design, the boxes name along with other well-fitting bbq emblems, giving BBQ BOX UK’s Gift Sets a magically bespoke feel which leaves our competition dead in the water!

Each of our BBQ Blends come in branded, high quality, food-safe, heat-sealed pouches which can also be re-sealed after use.


Our Reviews Can Be Found On Our Social Media & 3rd Party Shops.

So glad to have finally found a salt free seasoning cause the rest are full of it. Really good stuff highly recommended! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ​- Jazmin Jade (FB Reviewer)

Would 100% recommend BBQ Box – I’m gluten free so to not have to worry about this has been a god send for me. So flavourful and tasty and a little goes a long way!!🤤🤤 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Amy (FB Reviewer)

Awesome product. Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – James (FB Reviewer)

Would 100% recommend BBQ BOX UK – the seasonings are packed full of flavour and are all gluten free!
​️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Geneva (FB Reviewer)

★★ Bangin’ BBQ Box Contains: ★★


If you need information regarding ingredients, please contact us or check out our website for a full list. Ingredients are shown on each gift box.

** Please note that each product is produced in an area where nuts, sesame, mustard, and celery are used. Also although we do try to remain true to our images shown, please note that computer monitors can distort picture colours. At certain times of the year, packaging may change very slightly due to product demand/or change – this never affects the calibre of the products. **

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