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Buggy Style

This design was originally designed specially to fit Bugaboo™ prams perfectly, but we have found that this design also works well with a wider range of prams, particularly those with a 3 point harness as the openings on this liner are vertical rather than horizontal. The Baa Baby Buggy Style Sheepskin Liner is a great choice for all Bugaboo™ styles including the Bee and the new Uppababy Vista V2 which has a fixed harness. 

This Buggy Style Liner will fit both 5-point & 3-point harnesses nicely. 

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Pram Style

This design combines pre-cut holes for the shoulder harness straps along with shaped sides for waist straps. This means they will fit all 5-point harnesses the best and are easy to fit and remove. The oval shape fits well into buggy seats, car seats or can lie flat in carrycots or bassinets.

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Naturally thermostatic, sheepskin won’t only keep your baby cosy in winter but will also keep them cool in summer. In the winter and cooler months, the sheepskin provides warmth as the fibres capture and retain heat created by the body. On warmer days, the wool allows a flow of air next to the body and absorbs moisture keeping your child feeling cool and comfortable.

Kind on sensitive skin, sheepskin has naturally occurring lanolin in the fleece which is a natural moisturiser, so helps sooth and comfort baby’s skin. Our shorn hair lambskins from all our suppliers are medically tanned and all our long hair rugs are eco-tanned, meaning they are free from any harmful chemicals to keep baby safe.

Sheepskin is naturally self cleaning, lanolin is packed with self-cleaning properties if left to hang in the air. This makes it a natural dirt repellent and has anti-bacterial properties, reducing the need for harsh chemical cleaning products. 

Helping baby sleep, offering extra comfort and support due to its breathable qualities and gentle textures. Dense wool fibres ensure that lambskins absorb pressure without flattening, and many parents have found that their babies manage to get more rest as a result! 

Anti-bacterial qualities of sheepskin reduce instances of germs and illness and resist soiling, but further research in Germany has indicated that the microbes found in lambskin can also boost the immune system and reduce chances of developing asthma later in life.


By its very nature sheepskin has self-cleaning properties – welcome news to busy parents! But if it is needed, there are a number of ways to wash your sheepskin.

Brush and air regularly – this will help keep your sheepskin smelling fresh and will remove the majority of stains and spills once they have dried. Use a stiff, wire brush which is specifically for use with lambskin fleeces – the wires are angled to reach deep into the fibres and loosen any spills and debris.

Remove light spills with a damp cloth, this is a much better option than washing regularly. If you wish you can use a small amount of specialist shampoo and a damp sponge. Rinsing and blotting a small amount of the fleece is a much easier option than a full wash – and no-one is washing for the fun of it!

Washing your sheepskin:

1.  There are a number of options that different suppliers give for washing sheepskin including a cool hand wash, gentle machine wash on a wool cycle (no higher than 30°C) or professionally dry cleaned. If you intend to wash the sheepskin yourself we always recommend a cool hand wash as best – not the easiest but definitely the most gentle option for the lambskin. 

2.  Always use a specialist wool shampoo containing lanolin – this will help maintain the fleece and replace the natural lanolin that is in the skin.  

3.  Do not spin or tumble dry – this action will pull the natural fibres together making the skin dense and stiff, not something you want from a super soft fleece!

4. Gently wring the water out of the sheepskin by hand and hang it over the side of the bath until it no longer drips water. Most of the water will drip to the bottom of the fleece and you should be able to wring more moisture out.

5.  Air dry flat – do not leave the sheepskin in direct sunlight or use any form of heat.  Air drying can take up to around 5 days – its a slow process but the cooler the room and the slower the drying process, the better the results. Speeding up this process will shrink the leather and this draws the fibres closer together and the fleece loses its softness.

6.  While drying the skin should be stretched periodically back to shape. It is a good idea during and after drying to ‘work’ the leather. This will maintain its supple feel and can be done by pulling the leather back and forth across a hard surface (the corner of a worktop or table works well).

7.  Remember to give your sheepskin a good brush once it is dry to loosen up the fibres – press deep into the fleece and use a wire brush.

PLEASE NOTE: The leather may harden slightly following the washing process but following use will return to its normal softness. The more it is ‘worked’ and used the softer it will become again.

Our Sheepskin does not need to be washed before use.


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